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Vienna University of Technology

Current Projects

Research project "Unteres Hausfeld"

The City of Vienna, as one of the largest public contracting authorities in Austria initiated the research project "Unteres Hausfeld" with large-scale load tests on various foundation...[more]

RDVK Vibrocontrol

The research project RDVK-Vibrocontrol is a collaborative effort between the Institute of Geotechnics at the TU Vienna, the Keller Grundbau GmbH, the VCE Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH, and the...[more]

Compaction control with the DTS

The ballast of a railway track needs to bear heavy horizontal and vertical loads. Therefore the ballast has to be very dense. If this is not the case – i.e. after tamping or when the railway track...[more]

CCC for vibrating rollers

The research project "CCC for Vibratory Rollers" (Vibro-F) is carried out in cooperation with the company HAMM AG. The aim is to further develop the old HMV (Hamm Measurement Value)...[more]

Development of the condition dependent tamping process

Ballast, rails and sleepers form an elastic track system. This system is subject to elastic deformation as a consequence of tremendous traffic forces. When the deformations exceed the elastic limit...[more]

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