Forschungsbereich Grundbau, Boden- und Felsmechanik

Completed Projects

Research project "Unteres Hausfeld"

The City of Vienna, as one of the largest public contracting authorities in Austria initiated the research project "Unteres Hausfeld" with large-scale load tests on various foundation...[more]

Vibro compaction by depth vibrator

The vibro compaction technique compacts granular soils, by rearrangement of the soil particles into a denser state. The depth vibrator is a horizontal oscillating cylindrical body. The core element...[more]

Compaction with oscillating rollers

Most dynamic rollers work with vibration. An eccentric mass rotates around the axis of the drum and causes it to vibrate. In addition to the static compaction effect caused by the roller's own...[more]

Base Improvement of Railroads

The objective of the research project was the development of a track-related system for the base and subbase improvement of railroads. In preparation of large-scale implementations the Institute of...[more]

Low Pressure Injections in Granular Soil

Permeation grouting is a method, which is used to improve the quality of granular soils with low effort of energy and resources. In this procedure a low viscosity grout (cement, ultrafine cement or...[more]