Forschungsbereich Grundbau, Boden- und Felsmechanik

Current Projects

Thermo-mechanical behavior of energy foundations

Thermally activated foundation elements have been successfully used in Austria for decades to harness near-surface geothermal energy for heating and cooling purposes. After a large number of projects...[more]

RDVK Vibrocontrol

The RDVK-Vibrocontrol research project is being carried out within the framework of the Bridge 1 research funding programme of the Austrian FFG, by the project partners TU Wien, Institute of...[more]

Compaction control with the DTS

The ballast of a railway track needs to bear heavy horizontal and vertical loads. Therefore the ballast has to be very dense. If this is not the case – i.e. after tamping or when the railway track...[more]

CCC for vibrating rollers

The research project "CCC for vibrating rollers" (Vibro-F) is carried out in cooperation with the company HAMM AG and aims to develop a new measurement value for Continuous Compaction...[more]

Development of the condition-based tamping process

With the continuous increase in passenger and freight rail traffic, ballast track maintenance is becoming an increasingly demanding task, and nowadays much of the track maintenance work is carried...[more]

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