Forschungsbereich Grundbau, Boden- und Felsmechanik

Current Projects

Research project "Unteres Hausfeld"

The City of Vienna, as one of the largest public contracting authorities in Austria initiated the research project "Unteres Hausfeld" with large-scale load tests on various foundation...[more]

RDVK Vibrocontrol

The research project RDVK-Vibrocontrol is a collaborative effort between the Institute of Geotechnics at the TU Vienna, the Keller Grundbau GmbH, the VCE Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH, and the...[more]

Compaction control with the DTS

The ballast of a railway track needs to bear heavy horizontal and vertical loads. Therefore the ballast has to be very dense. If this is not the case – i.e. after tamping or when the railway track...[more]

CCC for vibrating rollers

The research project "CCC for Vibratory Rollers" (Vibro-F) is carried out in cooperation with the company HAMM AG. The aim is to further develop the old HMV (Hamm Measurement Value)...[more]

Development of the condition dependent tamping process

Ballast, rails and sleepers form an elastic track system. This system is subject to elastic deformation as a consequence of tremendous traffic forces. When the deformations exceed the elastic limit...[more]

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