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Project Details

CCC for vibrating rollers

The research project "CCC for Vibratory Rollers" (Vibro-F) is carried out in cooperation with the company HAMM AG. The aim is to further develop the old HMV (Hamm Measurement Value) respectively to establish a new measurement value for FDVK for vibration rollers.

Numerous research activities carried out at the Institute of Geotechnology at the Vienna University of Technology in the form of large scale, experimental field tests as well as numerical simulations and parameter studies in this field provide the basis for the development of a new FDVK value. The HMV value of the company HAMM AG is based on the Compactometer System (CMV value), which was already introduced in 1978, and therefore represents the oldest compression parameter on the market. The CMV is the only current FDVK value based on an evaluation of the acceleration signals in the frequency domain. That is the reason why it reacts very sensitive to changes in the operating state, to variations in the operating parameters (frequency, amplitude and speed) and to the adjustment of the constant, constructive machine parameters (mass ratios of the frame and the bandage, the tuning and the ratio of the static axle load to the oscillating mass, Geometry of the bandage, etc.).

This fact results in a great optimization potential. Therefore the overall target is to develop a stable, modern FDVK value, which compensates the disadvantages and weaknesses of the current HMV and, as far as possible, depends mainly or exclusively on the rigidity of the ground. The aim is to provide a device and process-independent value with physically verifiable background.


Univ.Ass. Dipl.-Ing. Mario Hager